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Spyderco UK Penknife Salt Folding Knife

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(Yellow FRN Handle and 2.93″ LC200N Rustproof Steel Satin Plain Blade)

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Since the introduction of thefirst revolutionary CLIPIT folding knife in 1981, Spyderco has specialized in challenging convention. In the process, they have not only created truly unique knife designs, but entire genres of knives that set new standards of functionality and performance.

Two prime examples of this are their Salt Series—an entire family of ultra-corrosion-resistant cutting tools—and their SLIPIT line, which combines the legal friendliness of a non-locking pocket knife with the advantages of one-hand opening and convenient clip carry. Both these accomplishments were significant, industry-changing events, so how could they possibly hope to top them? Easy. They just needed to integrate them into a single, extraordinary hybrid: the UK Penknife Salt.

Spyderco developed the original UK Penknife in direct response to restrictive laws in England that prohibited the carry of lock-blade knives. First released in 2004, it retained the key advantages of they lock-blade CLIPIT knives—a convenient pocket clip and their Trademark Round Hole for one-handed opening. However, instead of a blade lock, it featured an improved version of the traditional spring-tension slipjoint mechanism. Its notched-joint, non-locking mechanism held the blade safely in the open position during use but did not mechanically lock it. As further insurance against accidental closure, it included a 50/50 forefinger choil at the juncture of the blade and handle. By placing your index finger in the choil during use, you achieve enhanced control and create a natural “stop” that helps keep the blade from closing.

The UK Penknife, or UKPK, found immediate favor in England, as well as other countries in Europe and elsewhere that were facing similarly restrictive knife laws. It also drew interest from many fans of traditional slipjoint pocket knives who had a genuine preference for non-locking blades but welcomed the user-friendliness of one-hand opening and top-of-the-pocket clip carry. As the UKPK’s popularity steadily grew, so did customer demand for Spyderco to make it in exotic, high-performance blade steels, including rust-resistant steel well suited to use in and around the water. Based on their extensive experience with their Salt Series, they had already “cracked the code” on that requirement.

This version of it combines a vibrant yellow FRN handle with a blade crafted from CPM MagnaCut steel. MagnaCut is a uniquely different blade material that balances precise amounts of chromium, vanadium, and niobium to achieve the superior performance qualities and corrosion resistance necessary to qualify as a member of the Salt Series. Available in both PlainEdge and fully serrated SpyderEdge formats, this non-locking folding knife features a reversible deep-pocket wire clip and fully accessible Trademark Round Hole to make it both left and right-hand friendly.

The blade is paired with a handle featuring a stout back spring and high-visibility fiberglass-reinforced-nylon (FRN) scales. The scales are injection molded in the vibrant yellow color that is a signature of Spyderco’s Salt Series and features a cross-hatched texture pattern for an enhanced grip. The back spring provides tension for the knife’s notch-joint mechanism, which does not lock the blade but holds it open reliably during use. It also extends about two-thirds the length of the handle, creating a partial open-backed construction for easy drainage.

To ensure convenient carry and keep the knife poised for instant access, it includes a deep-pocket wire clip. Like the other handle hardware, the clip is crafted from an ultra-corrosion-resistant alloy and sports a black coating for enhanced protection from the elements. It is reversible for left or right-side tip-up carry, making the UK Penknife Salt design symmetrical and its operation completely ambidextrous.

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