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Spyderco Salt 2 Folding Knife

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(Green FRN Handle and 3.00″ LC200N Ultra-Corrosion-Resistant Steel Plain Blade)

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Spyderco’s original Salt 2 model combined the highly refined handle ergonomics and multiple carry options of the best-selling Delica 4 platform with ultra corrosion-resistant materials. This version of the Salt 2 raises the bar even higher with the addition of LC200N martensitic blade steel and a low-friction full-flat grind. Available with a choice of a PlainEdge or fully serrated SpyderEdge, this remarkable knife proudly shares all the other proven features of the Salt 2, including a sturdy lockback mechanism, a Bi-Directional Textured fiberglass-reinforced-nylon (FRN) handle, and a four-position titanium pocket clip. Like our other LC200N lightweight Salts, this knife also showcases a high-visibility green handle color.


When Spyderco launched the first knives in their award-winning Salt Series back in 2004, the most logical “platform” for them was their well-established family of lightweight models—like the third-generation Endura and Delica models. These knives featured one-piece handles injection molded from tough fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN), which meant they had few internal parts or cavities that would make them vulnerable to corrosion. Rendering these proven designs with H-1 steel blades and other specialized materials transformed them into ultra-corrosion-resistant cutting tools that were ideal for use in and around the water.

Over time, the original Endura and Delica—which became the Pacific Salt and Salt 1, respectively—were joined by additional models, including the Atlantic Salt, the Tasman Salt and others. Collectively, the Salt Series quickly earned an enviable reputation among sailors, fisherman, divers, and others who rely on their knives in wet or humid environments where corrosion is a serious concern.

Since the original members of the Salt Series were based on third-generation lightweight models, they did not include the design improvements that defined the Endura 4, Delica 4, and other current lightweight models. These include enhanced ergonomics, the improved grip surface of Bi-Directional Texturing, and a four-position clip that supports both tip-down and tip-up carry on both sides of the body. To incorporate these features into the Salt Series, while eliminating the potential corrosion vulnerability of internal liners, Spyderco created the second generation of Salt lightweights. Externally, their handles are identical or nearly identical to the Endura 4 and Delica 4; however, they are made exclusively from injection-molded FRN. Instead of stainless steel liners, they have a molded “webbed” pattern on the inside of the scales for additional structural strength and feature four sets of threaded inserts to anchor the four-position pocket clip.

The refined features of the Salt 2 and Pacific Salt 2 found immediate favor with Spyderco fans, many of whom were also intrigued by the performance potential of Spyderco’s other ultra-corrosion-resistant blade steel—LC200N. Taking this evolutionary process one step further, Spyderco decided to make the investment to ship LC200N steel to Japan so it could be incorporated into the latest versions of the Salt lightweight models manufactured there. The result is a family of Salt folding knives proudly featuring LC200N blade steel and vibrant high-visibility green handles. Taking full advantage of the unique properties of this martensitic steel, the blades of these knives feature full-flat grinds for exceptional edge geometry and low-friction cutting performance. The PlainEdge versions offer enhanced edge retention compared to H-1-bladed Salt knives, and all models are also available in SpyderEdge format.

For more than 15 years, Spyderco’s Salt Series has been setting the standard in ultra-corrosion-resistant cutting tools. Their latest additions to this extraordinary family of products raise that bar even higher, and are sure to inspire even more models and variations in the future.

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