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Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Emerson Opener Folding Knife

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(Dark Gray Bi-Directional Textured FRN Handle and 2.28″ VG10 Stainless Steel Satin Plain Blade)

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One of the trade-offs of compact knives is that they are somewhat more challenging to open one handed. The Dragonfly 2 Emerson Opener solves that problem by enhancing the popular Dragonfly 2 Lightweight with an Emerson Opener—an integral hook that snags the top of the pocket to automatically open the blade as the knife is drawn. Sporting a distinctive dark gray FRN handle with non-slip Bi-Directional Texturing, this high-speed version of the Dragonfly 2 proudly includes all the other defining features of this popular model. Please note: Spyderco calls this a dark gray FRN handle but the actual appearance is more of a dark blue.

The Emerson Opener

Ernest Emerson has had a profound impact on the cutlery industry and both the form and function of the modern tactical folding knife. Although the scope of his influence is extremely broad, perhaps his most revolutionary innovation was the “Emerson Opener.” Also known as the “Wave-Shaped Feature” or more colloquially—and inaccurately—the “Wave,” it consists of a small integral hook on the spine of a folding knife blade. When the closed knife is carried tip-up and drawn from the pocket, the hook snags on the lip of the pocket and swiftly rotates the blade into the open position. If you need to use your folding knife in a hurry, the Emerson Opener is hands down your quickest option.

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