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Welcome to Cutting Edge EDC, your exclusive destination for the world’s most exceptional custom knives and gear. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Knafs, an extraordinary brand founded by the inspiring and knowledgeable guru of the knife community, Ben Petersen.

At Knafs, the pursuit of perfection in knife design is an art, and Ben’s passion and expertise are woven into every blade they create. As a new distributor of Knafs, we are excited to offer you a handpicked selection of their masterpieces that redefine excellence in the knife industry.

Let’s talk about the Banter – a stunning pocket knife designed by none other than Ben himself. Drawing from years of experience and countless knife interactions, Ben put his artistic brilliance to work and created a masterpiece that captures the essence of the knives we all love. The Banter is a harmonious blend of familiar features from some of the most beloved knives, including Protech pocket clip, Spyderco G10, CRKT blade shape, Benchmade size, all infused with the renowned WE quality. It’s a pocket knife that feels familiar yet uniquely distinctive, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

What makes Knafs truly stand out is their partnership with WE Knives, a company that shares the same unwavering commitment to quality and consistency. Meeting Joe, Angel, and Tina of WE Knives left an indelible impression on Ben, witnessing first hand their dedication to craftsmanship and the stories they shared of their journey. With WE Knives’ exceptional engineering expertise, the Banter was brought to life exactly as envisioned – a testament to the outstanding collaboration between two remarkable brands.

The Banter isn’t just a knife; it’s a statement. Its exceptional manufacturing quality and premium materials, like the S35VN steel. As seasoned knife enthusiasts, we know the value of a well-crafted blade that seamlessly merges functionality and artistry. We invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the impeccable craftsmanship that sets Knafs apart in the knife community.

With Knafs joining our illustrious range, Cutting Edge EDC continues to be your ultimate destination for the finest blades and gear. As a new distributor of Knafs, we take pride in our commitment to delivering top-of-the-line products that elevate your everyday carry experience.

Explore the artistry of Knafs and discover a world of knives that resonate with your passion for perfection. Embrace the Banter and be part of this incredible collaboration that reflects the essence of the knife community – a community bound by the love for exceptional knives and the pursuit of perfection. We look forward to every creation Knafs brings to the table. 

Get ready to elevate your EDC experience with Knafs – where innovation meets cutting-edge craftsmanship. Welcome to the world of extraordinary blades!

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